Photovoltaic cell is made with unique technique of Sunflower Photo Energy Technology, applying the latest equipment from in and abroad, formulating quality-monitoring system so that to ensure the top quality and stability, and to promise customers the most convenient support.

High efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cell
High transmission low-iron oxide tempered glass
Encapsulant: EVA material; sealed with high quality TPT
Firm aluminum frame
Standard junction-box with bypass diode

Target of properties

Battery 125 monocrystalline silicon cells
Battery links and slice count 36 slice
Use DC 12V system
Great systematic voltage 1000V
Series of fuse 10A
High power 110W
Size 1200mm 560mm 35/40/45mm
Weight 8.0kg~~11kg

PLS125-36P The solar energy only bends over the assembly main technical parameter
Model  PLS125*125-36-M
Power of peak value(Wp)  85Wp 90Wp 95Wp 100Wp 105Wp 110Wp
High power voltage of point Vmp(V) 17.9V 18.1V 18.3V 18.5V 18.6V 18.8V
High power electric current of point Imp(A) 4.74A 4.97A 5.20A 5.38A 5.64A 5.85A
Voltage opens a new road Voc(V) 21.1V 21.3V 21.6V 21.8V 21.9V 22.1V
Short circuit current Isc(A) 5.15A 5.25A 5.3A 5.35A 5.4A 5.45A
Opens a new road voltage coefficient of temperature -0.38%/
Short circuit current coefficient of temperature +0.04%/
Power coefficient of temperature -0.4%/
Assembly the forehead of battery fixs the working temperature 453
The assembly scope of temperature works -40桫+85
Surface the biggest bearing 2400Pa
Insulation property 100M
Great systematic voltage (V) 1000V
The standard tests the condition 1000W/O,25,AM 1.5
Quality promises(Quality assurance) 90% 12 Years,80% 25 Years